Alzheimer's- Parkinson's Dementia  (+Register)
This course covers Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Dementia, Capacities of the brain, practices and solutions with an understanding of how each inhabitant takes after an alternate course in the ailment.

Caregiver 101  (+Register)
Care giving 101 shows comprehension dynamic needs, individual consideration, cleanliness, HIPAA Compliance, and Elder Abuse Prevention. Contamination Control, Securely Transferring Residents and Aging Sensitivity are incorporated in this class for parental figures. This class fulfills the state necessities for 16 hours of training.

Caregiver 102  (+Register)
Caregiver 102 is the extra classes obliged for PCA training. Included is the 8 hour active training as needed by the State of Nevada.

CPR/ AED/First Aid (+Register)
This course teaches on the best way to pre-form CPR on grown-ups, First Aid and AED training. Cognizant  stifling for Adults which incorporates Heart Attacks, Stroke, Shock, Seizures, Diabetes, Allergic Reactions, Bee Stings, Nose Bleeds, Eye Injuries, Head and Neck Injuries.

Mental Health  (+Register)
This course covers mental illness, the extent of the issue on how the cerebrum capacitates. Mental Disorders including Anxiety Disorders, Mood Scatters, Thought Disorders, Addictions, Drugs, Nicotine, and Addiction in the Elderly.

Chronic Illness & Infection (+Register)
This course covers Overview of Chronic Illnesses, Diabetes, Cancer, COPD, Heart Disease, Infection Control, Blood Borne Pathogens, Personal Care and Hygiene.

Elder Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation
As needed by NRS 449.037(6)(e) a two hour video.